-Added "Default DPS" and "Default Tank" in the predefined dropdown menu

- Added Import/Export Feature. You can now copy/paste setups for faster use of the simulator. Thanks to Etmott for providing this feature!


Raid simulator for the game Bit Heroes.

What does it do?
It calculates your average winrate over 1,000 fights.

How does it work?
Input your raid team's setup and click run.

I don't see my pet in there, why?
I have only coded legendary pets because it'd be time consuming to add all the pets. just drop off a few points of your winrate?

Is it that accurate?
Yes and no... Yes, most of the mechanics are similar to the one's in game but there are some stuff such as AI and spread healing that I probably coded differently...

What about Luvboi?
Not now, maybe when r4 comes out.

I think I found a bug!
Double check your inputs. If you really found a bug (a big bug), feel free to DM me or @mention me in the theorycrafting channel (on Discord).

Anything else I should know?
This is just the boss fight. Also When you start the fight, all members have 0% shield, full HP as well as 0 SP so you can have the worst case scenario. I still think my AI is better hence you might get a better winrate here the in game."

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Published 103 days ago

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